New Taonga Created to Honour Ancient Ngāti Whātua Taonga

A high quality photographic book recording a collection of Ngāti Whātua taonga has been produced by the Rūnanga.

Hono contains images of Ngāti Whātua taonga that are currently in institutions and private collections throughout the country.

Hono project director, Bernard Makoare, says the aim is for Hono to become a taonga itself.

"The challenges of repatriating taonga to iwi are huge. We considered how we might best do this physically, and rather than create another institution to house them, we considered a high quality book would be a great way to bring these taonga home."

The word 'hono' has multiple layers of meaning but in essence describes a process of 'joining' or 'connecting' Hono can also mean a gathering of people whose purpose is to unite and make decisions about issues of importance, and can also describe a healing practice for mending broken bones or limbs.

The concept of hono has guided the development of the book, and all those involved in the research and production of the publication have been moved and touched in a personal way by the work.

The photographs of the taonga were taken by internationally renowned photographers, Mark Adams and Haruhiko Sameshima using large format cameras.