Message from the Chairman

There's a saying that goes: "Be careful what you wish for!" I have been reminded of that this year as the aspirations of the Iwi begin to bear fruit and place great demands on my time personally, and that of the representatives of the Rūnanga.

There are signs that government and private sector organisations are starting to more actively engage with Ngāti Whātua as an Iwi, and begin to understand the importance, the relevance and the benefit of working in partnership with us as Mana Whenua. We are building momentum in our engagement in policy making and project planning in the areas of justice, housing, health, social services and economic development which have the potential to significantly contribute to the wellness of the Iwi.

It is a constant challenge to maintain the tikanga and values that define who we are in the midst of a fast changing world of government and business, but I grow in confidence that we can maintain our integrity that will be crucial to the wellness of our people. In a world of increasing environmental and economic uncertainty, our ancient practices of Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga become more and more relevant as models for living for all people.

On behalf of the Rūnanga, I would like to wish everyone best wishes for the Christmas and New Year season.

Rangimarie Naida Glavish JP