Te Hā Oranga Ends Year on a High Note

Te Hā Oranga services throughout the Ngāti Whātua rohe are getting great feedback as a result of a rebranding programme and return to a full complement of staff.

Te Hā Oranga Personal Health Team Manager, Dale Te Iwimate, says it's been great to hear clients and new staff alike appreciate the new professional brand and improving standards of service delivery.

The new image for Te Hā Oranga has been added to with the opening of new Te Awaroa offices. This now provides the opportunity for Te Hā Oranga to deliver its full range of services in response to recognised needs in the South Kaipara. The increased presence of Te Hā Oranga staff has been greeted by a groundswell of support from the local community.

Te Hā Oranga expects to see improved health outcomes in Kaipara through working with the marae arataki and health promotion teams within Nga Rima o Kaipara in Te Awaroa.

Year of Good Results

Over the past year, Te Hā Oranga has exceeded all the deliverables in nearly all areas of the services it is contracted to provide.

Whanau across the rohe are responding positively to the Standard Health Checks, Cardio-Vascular Disease risk assessments and screening programmes for chronic health conditions. There have also been increases in:

  • immunisation coverage including the B4 School checks programme.
  • the number of people registering for Aukati - quit smoking
  • Rangatahi accessing the nursing service/sexual health service
  • health promotion around prevention of personal injury and reducing exposure to violence
  • the number of group workshops promoting health through nutrition and exercise.

These improvements mean that more services have been delivered for the same cost as the previous year and, when coupled with the effective use of networks and systems, Te Hā Oranga is well poised for the future.