Ngāti Whātua Backed Broadband Network Completed

The broadband fibre optic network from Auckland to Whangarei, backed by Northland iwi, is complete and will be officially opened on May 31.

Taitokerau Networks is owned by partners Te Rūnanga o Whaingaroa, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua and Te Rānanga o Te Rarawa, with Wellington telco Datalight Limited as the general partner. It will go live with internet and national transit traffic over the upcoming week, prior to the official opening.

Crews have laid more than 165 kms of cable and a significant number of access pits to enable connection for customers along the cable route.

Datalight managing director Roger MacDonald says the network will deliver 1 Gbps-plus speeds over 210 kilometres of network.

Haami Piripi, chair of Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa, says: “The build marks a historical milestone for New Zealand with the creation of the first iwi-owned inter-city long-haul network in the country, and has provided a sound basis for the development of an ongoing productive relationship with the companies involved for other projects throughout Taitokerau to stimulate the regional economy.

“With the network now completed, excitement is growing about the achievement of outcomes sought by Taitokerau iwi to improve education, employment, health, and prosperity across the predominantly under-served rural Northland region.”