URI Registration

Who can Register ?

To be eligible to register you must be of Ngāti Whātua descent and affiliate to any of the 35 Ngāti Whātua Marae.

Why Register

Uri of Ngāti Whātua aged 18 years and over will be eligible:

  • To vote in the triennial trustees elections
  • To be notified of important issues and decisions affecting Ngāti Whātua
  • To receive information of benefits that you may be entitled to e.g. education grants

What is the registration process and what is involved?

You will be required to fill out a secure online form that will ask a series of questions for us to ascertain your affiliation within te Uri o Ngāti Whātua.  Your information will be verified and processed by Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua.

Click here for a printable copy in Word format or in PDF format which you can complete and return to

An adult / parent or guardian must fill in a registration form for each child separately (aged 0-17)

What do I need to do after you have processed my registration?

  1. We will notify you when your registration is complete
  2. Ensure all of your whānau are enrolled – Parents will need to register each child under 18years old
  3. You should notify us of any changes so that your registration records can be updated. Ph: (+64) 9 470 0720

If you have any enquiries around new registrations or if you are wanting to update your current registration details, please send your request through to or call (+64) 9 470 0720